Guide to the Quest "It’s For Your Apple" in Dofus

Welcome to our comprehensive guide for the "Its For Your Apple" quest in Dofus. This guide will help you navigate through each step of the quest with ease, ensuring you maximize your rewards and efficiently complete the tasks required.

Quest Overview


- Recommended Level: 20

- Required Quest: "Class Council"

- Character Class: Cra


- Experience Points: 41,277 XP

- Dofus Kamas: 936

- Items: Beach Towel x1, Tanning Cream x1, Marine Conch x1, Competition Fin x1


- Starting Point: Astrub [7,-19]

 Predictable Events

- Combat: One group fight

 Detailed Quest Walkthrough

 Step 1: Initiating the Quest

To begin the "Its For Your Apple" quest, Cras must head to Setsinbol, located at [7,-19] in Astrub. Speak to Setsinbol to receive your task: you need to train with your bow to reach a tenth of his skill level.

 Step 2: Visiting the Militia

Your next destination is the militia at [5,-19]. Speak with the mercenary instructor there. Unfortunately, previous Cras failed to replace the apples used in training, so you need to gather some apples. Your first stop to procure apples is the grocery store.

 Step 3: Finding Apples

Head to the grocery store located at [1,-16] and talk to Seth Sourcet. He informs you that his stock is depleted and only has bad apples left. Despite this, take the crate of bad apples and return to the mercenary instructor at [5,-19]. The instructor will be dissatisfied with the bad apples and will set you off to find fresh ones.

 Step 4: Investigating the Missing Apples

To find fresh apples, visit the consumables sales house at [3,-19] and speak with René Gossian. Renés apples have been stolen, but he promises to give you a crate if you can recover them.

 Step 5: Following the Trail

Follow the tomato tracks from [3,-19] to [2,-17]. Here, youll encounter a group of thieves who have also been robbed. Before continuing, notify the militia by talking to the mercenary at [1,-16]. 

 Step 6: Confronting the Apple Thieves

Continue following the tracks to [7,-10], where youll find the apple thieves. They will threaten you, prompting the option to "give thieves a beating." 

 Step 7: Combat with the Thieves

A battle will ensue against three thieves. Though the fight is relatively simple, its advisable to complete it with a group to ensure victory. Once the thieves are defeated, interact with the cart on the map to collect the stolen apples.

 Step 8: Returning the Apples

With the apples in hand, return to the mercenary instructor at [5,-19]. Deliver the apples and report the theft. The instructor will congratulate you and allow you to practice archery by clicking on the large piece of wood in the center of the room.

 Step 9: Completing the Quest

Finally, return to Setsinbol at [7,-19] to complete the quest. After reporting your success, the quest "Its For Your Apple" will be marked as complete, and you will receive your rewards.

 Tips for Success

- Preparation: Ensure your character is well-prepared for combat, with suitable gear and a party if possible.

- Communication: Follow the dialogue options carefully to ensure you trigger the necessary events.

- Tracking: Pay close attention to the locations and track the quest steps in your journal for ease of navigation.

By following this detailed guide, you should be able to complete the "Its For Your Apple" quest efficiently and reap all the rewards it offers. Happy questing in the world of Dofus!