Guide to the Quest "To the Little Misfortune of Luck" in Dofus

Welcome to our comprehensive guide for the "To the Little Misfortune of Luck" quest in Dofus. This guide provides detailed steps to help you complete the quest efficiently, ensuring you reap all the rewards and experience points. If you are looking to boost your game quickly and safely? Buy Dofus Kamas on iGV and get instant delivery with 24/7 customer support.  Join thousands of satisfied players who trust iGV for their kamas needs.

Quest Overview


- Recommended Level: 20

- Required Quest: "Class Council"

- Character Class: Ecaflip


- Experience Points: 41,277 XP

- Dofus Kamas: 936

- Items: Beach Towel x1, Tanning Cream x1, Marine Conch x1, Competition Fin x1


- Starting Point: Astrub [6,-18]

Predictable Events

- Combat: One group fight

- Additional Kamas: 50 Kamas

Detailed Quest Walkthrough

Step 1: Initiating the Quest

To begin the "To the Little Misfortune of Luck" quest, Ecaflips must head to Meow Meow, located at [6,-18] in Astrub. Speak to Meow Meow to learn that he is under a Leprechaun's spell, which makes him lucky in all circumstances. Meow Meow wants you to help him rebalance the scales by accumulating bad luck, as hes tired of being called a cheater. Accept the quest by choosing the dialogue option "Agree to help."

Step 2: Clink Glasses with Sir Hyle

Start right outside the tavern at [6,-18]. Speak to Sir Hyle and greet him. Select the option to "Clink glasses with him without looking him in the eyes." This is the first step towards accumulating bad luck.

Step 3: Visit the House at [7,-19]

Head to [7,-19] and enter the house on the left. Inside, interact with the bed. Next, climb to the first floor of the library in the same house and interact with the large ladder. These actions contribute to your growing bad luck.

Step 4: Pet Soki the Black Chacha

Move to [7,-20] and find Soki, the little black chacha. Pet Soki to further increase your bad luck.

 Step 5: Buy Chrysanthemums from the Florist

Proceed to the florist at [6,-21], located in the building on the left. Speak to the florist and select the option "Say that you want to buy a bouquet of chrysanthemums." Purchase the flowers, then speak to the florist again to offer the bouquet to her. This gesture is part of your mission to accumulate misfortune.

 Step 6: Interact with the Table in the Peasants' Workshop

Go to the peasants' workshop at [5,-21]. Inside, interact with the table in the center of the room. This continues your streak of unlucky actions.

 Step 7: Look into the Mirror

Finally, head to [5,-17] and enter the house on the left. Inside, interact with the mirror to complete the series of unlucky actions.

 Step 8: Return to Meow Meow

After completing all these actions, return to Meow Meow in the tavern at [6,-18]. Inform him that you have done everything necessary to be as unlucky as possible. At this point, a mean-spirited Leprechaun will appear.

 Step 9: Combat the Leprechaun

Talk to the Leprechaun before engaging in combat. The fight can be done with a group, but it is relatively simple. Defeat the Leprechaun to lift the spell from Meow Meow.

 Step 10: Complete the Quest

Once the Leprechaun is defeated, speak to Meow Meow again to end the quest. You will receive your rewards and the quest "To the Little Misfortune of Luck" will be completed.

Tips for Success

- Preparation: Ensure your character is adequately prepared for the combat with the Leprechaun. Equip suitable gear and consider forming a group for an easier battle.

- Dialogue Options: Pay close attention to the dialogue options to ensure you correctly perform each unlucky action.

- Navigation: Use the in-game map and quest journal to track your progress and locations.

By following this detailed guide, you should be able to complete the "To the Little Misfortune of Luck" quest efficiently and enjoy the rewards it offers. Happy adventuring in the world of Dofus!