Play FC 24 with PS Plus for free: 5 tips for your perfect start in Ultimate Team

With a PS Plus subscription, you can download FC 24 in May at no additional cost. Even 8 months after the official release, EA still provides you with enough options to quickly find your way into Ultimate Team.

What is Ultimate Team? 

Ultimate Team is the most popular mode in FC 24. It offers you the opportunity to build a strong team according to your individual preferences. You receive players as cards, which are divided into bronze, silver and gold depending on their strength.

This year, the mode is more rewarding than ever. For you, this means that even if you are just getting started, you can build a strong team in a short time and without much effort.

All you have to do is keep a few things in mind. We have compiled the most important tips for your start in Ultimate Team.

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5 tips for the perfect start in Ultimate Team

What are the first steps in Ultimate Team? 

Start Ulitmate Team in the main menu and create a new club or log in with the details of your existing club. You will then be asked to choose a nation from which your first players come.

Select your preferred country. Your decision has no far-reaching consequences, because there is good news: EA rewards you for everything you do at launch. This means your team will change rapidly.

Especially if you take the following tips into account.

Tip 1: Earn packs and players in the objectives

In the main menu, under the "Goals" category, you can see all the tasks you can complete. These tasks either promise you packs immediately or you get experience points to level up the new Season Pass.

This promises you special cards or club items such as choreographies or coats of arms. Above all, by reaching certain levels, you can collect upgrade packs that guarantee you better players.

Especially for the newcomers who are just getting into Ultimate Team, EA has packed special starting bonuses into the tasks. This allows you to unlock a solid base of very good cards:

Once you've earned and opened the first better packs, you can upgrade your squad with the first stronger gold cards, maybe even with one or two special cards.

You may also have the first Team of the Season card from the Bundesliga in your rewards. This event promises the strongest players of the year. Here we have compiled everything you need to know for you: When will which TOTS come? All important information about the event

Tip 2: Familiarize yourself with the game mechanics in the Squad Battles.

To complete objectives that require you to complete matches, we recommend the Squad Battles at the beginning. In this offline mode, you compete against the AI. Before each game, you can choose on which difficulty level you want to compete against which team.

Here you can easily score your first goals in FC 24. You can also test the new game mechanics here and of course familiarize yourself with the strengths of your team.

Speaking of game mechanics: The new playstyles or the OP-R1 dribbling are probably the biggest innovations in FC 24, as you will probably quickly discover.

With every game you complete in Squad Battles, you climb up the leaderboard and can look forward to better and better rewards. Every Sunday you can claim your rewards:

Tip 3: Exchange your superfluous players in Squad Building Challenges

The Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) offer the best way to get rid of your superfluous cards from the packs and rewards for a profit. The SBCs, like the objectives, are a separate category in the main menu in Ultimate Team.

In addition to daily repeatable SBCs that can give you upgrade packs, you will also find unique player SBCs here. You can find the respective requirements in the descriptions.

If you like an upgrade or a player from the SBCs, you can put together the required team from your club's player material and trade it in:

However, caution is advised: The cards you exchange have irrevocably disappeared from your club. So it's best to really only take the players you have no use for.

4. Tip: Get your team up to full team chemistry

Basically, you can equip your team with the cards you want to play the most. But if you want to get the most out of your team, you should make sure that the players get full or at least a high team chemistry.

Each player can collect up to three chemistry points. The chemistry of a card is influenced by the following factors:

  • Nationality
  • League
  • Association

A high level of team chemistry pays off: If your teammates harmonize with each other, they get an extra boost to their stats.

Once you have formed a powerful squad with the players you have gained from the objectives and squad battles and have already internalized the game mechanics a bit, you can compete with other players to get even better rewards.

Tip 5: Play Rivals and Champions for even better rewards

Division Rivals

The best rewards are waiting for you in the really competitive modes. In the Division Rivals, you compete against real opponents who are on the same level as you. Now that you're taking on real players, a promising tactic couldn't hurt:

We have explained the two most popular formations in detail with all the instructions for you.

The Rivals will certainly challenge you more than the Squad Battles. But don't let setbacks get you down. Over time, you will notice which style of play helps you to score more goals of your own or concede few goals in FC 24.

With growing success in the Rivals, you qualify for the play-offs of the Weekend League.

Champions Weekend League

The Weekend League is the highlight of Ultimate Team. During the week, you can qualify for the finals in the play-offs. To do this, you have to win 4 out of 10 games. Along the way, you can expect more rewards here.

If you qualify for the qualifiers, you have 20 matches to get as many wins as possible:

No matter how you perform, participating in the Weekend League will definitely pay off, because the best packs and the most coins are waiting for you here.

If you take all the tips to heart, you will see that your team will quickly become stronger. After not too long you will truly have an "Ultimate Team". If you want to recover from the exertions of Ultimate Team, the career mode in FC 24 offers a welcome change. As a little help to get started, you will find the best talents for the wing positions here.