Player tries WOW for the first time and is shocked that “I don't think retail is bad at all”

Some people try World of Warcraft for the first time and realize: Many have lied. Retail is not bad at all, as they always thought.

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If you want to get started with World of Warcraft, there are some hurdles. The sheer size of the game and the knowledge advantage of all other players, the confusing timelines or simply the complexity put a spanner in the works for many a newcomer.

But many don't even try WoW because they are told by others that the current game is terribly bad. It often helps to simply get your own impression - like an ESO player who is amazed to realize: It's not bad at all.

What was said? 

On the WoW subreddit, user ManagementNo4050 asked, "What am I missing here?" He then explained in the post:

I've tried both Retail and Classic in the last week and as a new player who has played ESO before, I'm so confused. Because I've always heard how bad retail is and that's why I tried Classic first. But this felt so old compared to every other MMO I play. Poor graphics, no dubbing voices, boring battles and an absolutely empty world without other players.

Somewhat reluctantly, I then tried Retail, as I had already paid for the subscription anyway – and it was an upgrade in almost every way. With cutscenes, voiced dialogue, more classes and races, better graphics and models, and I even quickly got into dungeons with other players... so what's the catch?

Because I'm really confused, why is retail seen as bad?

Where does the negative mood come from? 

There are probably many reasons why World of Warcraft has such a bad reputation in the current retail version (Dragonflight). On the one hand, over the course of 20 years of life, many former players have accumulated who simply found WoW more interesting at another time. This is how epitomizer1 answers:

Retail is not bad. It does have a few negative aspects. Many people miss a very specific version of the game. Either how the classes play and what performance they perform. Or which raids and dungeons are part of the current content. PvP meta and balance. Even the world itself.

For new players, most of this won't have an impact, so just ignore other people's reviews and enjoy.

Or, to put it a little more drastically, as Ok_Money_3140:

As a general rule, if someone says that retail is bad, it means that he or she hasn't played retail in about a decade.

Others, on the other hand, are trapped in the 10 phases of every WoW player and just can't get out of these habits. When did you start with modern World of Warcraft and what were your first experiences with it?