Complete Solution to Dofus Quest: "Sow the Wind and Reaps Artempeth"

Our comprehensive guide is here to accompany you on your journey in the world of Dofus. This detailed guide will help you progress through the main stages of the game, find important items, and even set up your professions. Here, you will find the complete solution to the quest "Sow the Wind and Reaps Artempeth"

Everything You Need to Know


- Recommended level: 20


- Experience: 34,398 XP

- Kamas: 780 Dofus Kamas

- Items:

  - Wild Sunflower Petal x2

  - Spook's Tongue x2


- Starting Point: Astrub [0,-19]


- Combat (solo) x2

- Collecting items:

  - Drinking water x5

  - Devilish Dandelion Flower x1

  - Demonic Rose Petal x1

  - Wild Sunflower Petal x1

  - Spook's Tongue x1

 Solution to the Quest "Sow the Wind and Reaps Artempeth"

 Step 1: Meet Erty Trapchet

Head to [0,-19] to find Erty Trapchet, a plant lover who asks you to feed his plants and water the others. Begin by selecting:

- "Accept"

- "Ask where to find water"

If you already have the required 5 units of Drinking Water, you're set. Otherwise, you can gather water from wells in the world of the Twelve or purchase it from the auction house.

Step 2: Water Erty's Plants

With the 5 units of Drinking Water in hand, head to Erty's house located at [1,-21]. Inside the house, you need to water a plant on the ground floor and another in the basement.

Step 3: Report Back to Erty

After watering the plants, return to Erty Trapchet in [0,-19]. He will send you to find Mawy Ingalsse to help with an investigation into the proliferation of parasites in crops.

Step 4: Investigate the Parasites

Visit Mawy Ingalsse at [7,-24] to "Discuss the resurgence of parasites." She informs you that the alchemists are already working on this issue. Then, speak with Emia Elliesol, who is seeking a solution to the parasites infesting her attics.

Step 5: Create a Dewormer

Head to the alchemists' workshop at [3,-21] and speak with Nibé Lulle to "Discuss Pest Infestation in Fields and Granaries." To create an effective dewormer, you need to gather the following resources:

- Devilish Dandelion Flower x1

- Demonic Rose Petal x1

- Wild Sunflower Petal x1

- Spook's Tongue x1

Once you have these ingredients, use one of the stills in the room to create the dewormer. Ensure you check the box "Show packaged recipes" if needed.

Step 6: Test the Dewormer

Return to Emia Elliesol at [7,-24], who will send you to test the dewormer. Start by heading to [6,-23] to apply the product in the attic. Then, go to [5,-26], where a solo fight against pests will begin.

Step 7: Report Back to Nibé Lulle

After completing the tests, report back to Nibé Lulle at [3,-21] to "Report the progress of the tests." Nibé will find the results unsatisfactory. 

Step 8: Retrieve Erty's Notebook

Return to Erty Trapchet in [0,-19]. He mentions that he forgot his notebook at home and sends you to retrieve it. Head back to [1,-21], where you will encounter an Artempeth Rose in the basement. Talk to the rose and prepare for a fight.

Step 9: Confront the Artempeth Rose

Defeat the Artempeth Rose in combat. Once victorious, inform Erty about the aggressive plant. He will ponder over the causes of their aggression and then realize that you forgot his notebook.

Step 10: Investigate Further

Go to [5,-21] to chat with Raymond Santho, who claims to have already offered solutions against parasites. However, upon returning to Erty at [0,-19], you'll learn that Erty is suspicious of Raymond and accuses him of selling poor-quality products.


After discussing with Erty, he decides to assist Nibé Lulle in his research. This concludes the quest "Sow the Wind and Reaps Artempeth" in Dofus.

By following this detailed guide, you should be able to successfully complete the quest and reap the rewards. Good luck on your adventures in the world of Dofus!