Comprehensive Guide to the Quest: "Domestic Dispute" in Dofus

Embark on the quest "Domestic Dispute" in Dofus with our complete walkthrough. This detailed guide is designed to help you progress through the main stages of the game, find crucial equipment, and level up your professions. Follow these steps to successfully complete the quest "Domestic Dispute." Embark on your virtual adventures , buy Cheap Dofus Kamas on iGV, where safety and speed are our top priorities. Don't wait – boost your game with Dofus Kamas from iGV now!

Everything You Need to Know


- Recommended level: 15


- Experience: 20,757 XP

- Kamas: 505 Dofus Kamas

- Items: 4 Green Piou Feathers


- Starting Point: Astrub [3,-17]

To Plan For

- Combat (group): 1 encounter

Solution to the Quest "Domestic Dispute"

Step 1: Start the Quest with Kérubim

Begin your quest at [3,-17] with Kérubim, who is located upstairs in his house. Initiate the quest by selecting the option to "Ask him if he is part of the Kerubims' militia." Kérubim shares that he was indeed part of the militia, and they took his name after his feats of arms. He also mentions that all the items in his shop are magical and that he needs a special feather duster to clean them. However, he requires new feathers for this task.

Step 2: Gather the Feathers

Agree to help Kérubim by choosing the option "Agree to help him." He sends you to collect three types of special feathers.

Feather 1: Gaztronom's Feather

- Location: [1,-17]

- At the entrance of the mine, find a Tofu named Gaztronom. Gaztronom will not give up the feather easily and will attack you, initiating a group fight. Defeat Gaztronom to obtain the first feather.

 Feather 2: Herdegrize's Feather

- Location: [7,-19]

- Head to the library to find the second feather. It is held by Herdegrize. To get the feather, you need to follow a series of conversation options:

  - Start by "Engaging in conversation."

  - Then "Wait while Herdegrize pulls out a feather and a small book from his bag."

  - Select "Applaud with both hands."

  - Next, "Blow on the page as Herdegrize asked you to."

  - Finally, re-engage the conversation to "Ask him for a feather" and "Flatter him shamelessly."

 Feather 3: Banker's Feather

- Location: [4,-18]

- Proceed to the bank to retrieve the third feather from a banker named Essiac d'Engrape. Initiate a conversation and choose the option to tell him that you want to pluck him. Essiac will react poorly and ask you to leave.

- Outside, talk to Snori Nairb to "Inquire about Essiac d'Engrape." Snori informs you that the banker is having a bad day because his wife hit him with a broom at the tavern the day before.

- Head to the tavern at [6,-18], go upstairs, and click on the broom to retrieve the final feather.

Step 3: Return to Kérubim

After collecting all three feathers, return to Kérubim at [3,-17]. Choose the option to "Give him the three feathers."


By giving Kérubim the three feathers, you successfully complete the quest "Domestic Dispute" in Dofus. You will receive your rewards of 20,757 XP, 505 Kamas, and 4 Green Piou Feathers.

Tips and Recommendations

- Preparation for Combat: Ensure you are adequately prepared for the group combat encounter with Gaztronom. Having a balanced team with both offensive and defensive capabilities can make this fight easier.

- Resource Management: Collecting Drinking Water in advance can save you time and effort during the quest.

- Exploration: Make sure to explore each location thoroughly. Interacting with all possible elements can often provide additional context and ease the quest progression.

By following this detailed guide, you should be able to navigate the quest "Domestic Dispute" efficiently and enjoy your adventure in the world of Dofus. Happy questing!