Is Drift Valorant's Worst Team Deathmatch Map?

Having a Valorant account and hopping into Team Deathmatch is a great way to warm up your aim and abilities before diving into competitive. But lately, players have been fuming over a new map called Drift, calling it the worst ever created.

So, is Drift truly a terrible map, or is there a way to strategize and succeed on it?


Why Players Hate Drift

The main complaints about Drift seem to be its size and openness. Players argue that the long sightlines make it difficult to warm up your aim effectively, and the map encourages long-range gunfights that aren't helpful for close-quarter combat in other modes. Flanking, a tactic often frowned upon in casual TDM, is also discouraged by Drift's layout.

The frustration is real. One Reddit user went as far as saying, "TDM used to be fun before this map was added, now it's just an instant tilt when you load up into this map."


Turning the Tide on Drift

While many see Drift as a frustrating anomaly, there are ways to make it work for you. Some players have found success using specific agents and abilities to control the map's unique layout.

Viper's Toxic Screen: Viper's ultimate, Viper's Pit, can essentially shrink the playable area of Drift, forcing enemies into closer engagements.
Omen's One-Way Smokes: Omen players can deploy smokes on boxes near enemy spawns, creating opportunities for easy picks.
These tactics highlight an important point: Drift isn't just about pure gunplay. It emphasizes strategic use of abilities, a skill valuable in any Valorant mode.



Focus on More Than Kills

While some players dislike the emphasis on utility in TDM, Drift can be a great way to break out of the "kill-hungry" mentality and focus on well-rounded gameplay.  Learning to use your abilities effectively alongside your aim can make you a more dangerous player overall.


The Future of Drift

Unlike the constantly evolving competitive map pool, Team Deathmatch maps are updated less frequently. With only four TDM maps currently in Valorant, Drift might be here to stay for a while.  However,  learning to master its quirks can make you a more versatile player and give you an edge over those who simply avoid the map altogether.