Dominate Apex Legends Season 21 with This "illegal" Meta Comp

Looking to supercharge your climb in Apex Legends Season 21? Tired of the same old character picks? Well, buckle up, Legends, because pro player Teg has unearthed a game-changing meta composition that'll leave your enemies begging for mercy.  But before we dive in, make sure your Apex Legends account is prepped and ready for the climb. Having a solid account with your favorite legends unlocked can give you a head start.


This strategy revolves around three seemingly under-picked Legends: Crypto, Alter (the new Season 21 addition), and Catalyst. Don't be fooled by their pick rates - together, they orchestrate a symphony of destruction that will melt even the most fortified squads.


The "Illegal" Advantage: Instantaneous Demolition and Minimal Effort

The beauty of this comp lies in its ability to completely overpower enemies with minimal effort.  By combining the unique strengths of Crypto, Alter, and Catalyst, you can effectively isolate, eliminate, and escape encounters unscathed.


The Legendary Trio: Decoding Their Roles

Crypto: The Ultimate Scout - Crypto's recent buffs have solidified him as a top-tier recon Legend.  His drone can scan enemies, survey beacons, loot bins, and more, providing invaluable intel to your squad.  In this comp, Crypto acts as your intel gatherer, pinpointing enemy locations and ensuring a clean attack with minimal third-party intervention.

Alter: The Unparalleled Escape Artist -  Fresh out of Season 21, Alter brings a unique twist to the battlefield. Her ultimate, Void Nexus, allows your team to teleport back to safety in a pinch. But that's not all!  Her Void Passage ability lets you push through surfaces, taking enemies by surprise.

Catalyst: The Master of Fortification - Catalyst controls the battlefield by manipulating the flow of the match.  Her ability to predict future rings and fortify positions allows your team to set up a perfect stronghold for unleashing your devastating assault.


Dominating the Arena: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ready to wreck havoc? Here's how to execute this powerhouse comp:

Land Strategically:  Find a safe drop zone with a Ring Console and Survey Beacon. Use these to your advantage -  plan your rotations based on the ring intel, and identify nearby squads with the Survey Beacon.

Gear Up and Fortify:  Loot efficiently and prepare for the fight.  Once geared, use Catalyst's abilities to fortify a secure location within the safe zone.

Crypto's Scouting Mission:  Deploy Crypto's drone to locate a nearby enemy squad.  Crucially, ensure there's no risk of a third-party ruining the surprise party.

Trap and Surprise:  With Catalyst's fortifications in place, activate Alter's Void Nexus to create a safe escape point.  Then, push out aggressively towards the enemy location using Void Passage.

EMPire Strikes Back:  Crypto's EMP blast takes center stage here.  Detonate it to cripple enemy shields, leaving them vulnerable.

The Finishing Blow:  Capitalize on the EMP's disorienting effect.  Push the attack with your team and eliminate the stunned enemies. Finally, activate Void Nexus again to teleport your squad back to safety, leaving enemies bewildered and defeated.


Conquer Season 21 with This Devastating Comp

Master this "illegal" meta comp, and dominate your path to victory in Apex Legends Season 21. Remember, practice makes perfect, so hone your skills with each Legend and become an unstoppable force. With the right coordination and execution, you'll be leaving a trail of demolished enemies in your wake. Now get out there, Legends, and show them what you're made of!