6 players in FC 24 are faster than everyone else – a combo makes it possible

In FC 24 there are players who seem to be faster than all the other players. This is due to a combination of playstyles and acceleration. We'll show you which players are the Super Sprinters in Ultimate Team.

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What kind of combo is this? 

The combo consists of 3 playstyles and a specific acceleration type.

Players who are faster than everyone else have the following characteristics:

  • Playstyles
    • First Touch
    • Frenzy
    • Quick step
  • Acceleration Type
    • Persistent (controlled/predominant)

A combination of all aspects helps your player to pass opponents at lightning speed. This combo is particularly effective if your player has already picked up speed.

However, the playstyles associated with the "Sustained" acceleration type are very rare. Only a few players can show them in Ultimate Team so far.

6 players who are faster than all other players

Below, we'll introduce you to players who feel faster in the game due to their playstyles and acceleration types. The good thing is: At least 2 players are in the lower price category in Ultimate Team. We present the tickets and their prices in the list. (As of May 22, 2024)

Only the players that you can still buy at this point in time were considered:

  • Henry (94) – Ultimate Birthday Icon: 4,900,000 coins
  • Henry (93) – Thunderstruck Icon: 1,500,000 coins
  • Drogba (94) – Golazo Icon: 570,000 coins
  • Henry (91) – Basic Icon: 220,000 coins
  • TOTS Guirassy (92) – VfB Stuttgart: 76,500 coins
  • Future Stars Højlund (89) – Manchester United: 37,000 coins

Some of these players you still have to bring to the "sustained" acceleration type through a chemistry style. The chemistry styles to achieve lasting are:

  • Marksman
  • Hawk
  • Anchor
  • Sniper
  • Architect

Why are the players so fast with this combo? 

The secret lies in the interaction of the individual components:

  • First Touch: Lets you control the ball quickly and sprint faster.
  • Quick Step: Lets your player accelerate faster in the first meter and get to his maximum speed faster.
  • Frenzy: Gives you a boost when sprinting with the ball.

These 3 playstyles are ideal for all wingers anyway. But what makes the decisive difference is the acceleration type "Persistent". This lets you run even faster in the final speed.