FC 24: For only 30,000 coins, you get an unstoppable striker

As a rule, the meta of FC 24 Ultimate Team is dominated by expensive cards. But there are always players who fly under the radar despite their good stats. We show you an attacker who is much better than you think.

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This is the situation:

  • The coach of the Finnish national team, Jeppe Højfeldt, has shared a video on his X account in which he shows how he is currently scoring many goals at the highest level in FC 24 Ultimate Team.
  • At the center of his tactics is a striker who impresses with his physical profile and seems unstoppable due to his stats, playstyles and height.
  • The player is the Future Stars card of former Bayern pro Joshua Zirkzee, who is now under contract with FC Bologna in Serie A.
  • The special version of the Dutch talent, which is actually a silver card, now has a unique profile due to the upgrade – even though it is so cheap.
  • Because the 88 version of the attacker can be purchased for just 33,000 coins via the transfer market, which makes him a real secret weapon for the Weekend League.

And so that you too can surprise your opponents in UT Champions with the qualities of Zirkzee Future Star, we'll show you what makes him stand out and how to put it in the limelight.

Secret weapon for the Weekend League: This is what makes Zirkzee Future Star so strong in Ultimate Team

He brings these qualities with him: The talent clearly has its strengths in the air. With a height of 1.93 m, the young striker does not have to hide from any defender. In addition, the Dutchman brings excellent values to the table.

99 in heading accuracy, 99 in jumping power and 99 in physical strength make the 22-year-old a real header monster.

By combining it with the Aerial Plus Playstyle. In the air), which makes the player jump higher and provides an improved physical presence in the air, Zirkzee seems unstoppable.

This is how you have to use it: The video shows the simple but effective tactic. Create space on the wing and cross into the penalty area, where Zirkzee is already lurking for the high ball.

It is best to use a line-up with only one attacker, so that the young Dutchman is always alone in the box. Experienced players can also position it even better with the Player Lock feature.

In the video you can see how well Zirkzee asserts himself and scores from almost all positions - no matter which opponent rises up with him for a header. Even if you can't put him in your starting eleven, he's also perfect as a joker.

If you're looking for a player to link the former Bayern pro, then you could fall back on the basic version of Wesley Sneijder, who even received another special card as part of the new FC Fantasy promo.