Important Notice Regarding Account Safety


We understand that recent security measures implemented by Riot Games have led to increased scrutiny of account activity, particularly in relation to botting. We want to ensure that all our customers have a safe and enjoyable gaming experience. To this end, we'd like to provide you with some valuable insights on how to avoid account suspension.


1. Prioritize Handmade or Hand-Leveled Accounts:

It's recommended to prioritize the purchase of handcrafted accounts or accounts that have been manually leveled. These accounts are free from any botting activities, making them less likely to be flagged. You can easily find such accounts using our website's search feature.


2. Follow the instructions for use:

We understand that handmade accounts might be pricier and less common. For those seeking a cost-effective solution while still minimizing the risk of suspension, we advise you to follow the suggestions provided by our sellers after purchasing an account:

    • Link your account to an email address that has never been associated with a League of Legends account.
    • Change the summoner name associated with the account.
    • Crucially Important: Update your RIOT ID (including the #). You can do this by visiting:
    • Engage in several blind, draft, or bot games before participating in ranked matches. Playing 6-10 games, or even more, can help establish the authenticity of your account.
    • Maintain a positive in-game behavior. Avoid any negative interactions or flaming, so you will have a lower risk to be reported by others.


3. Exceptional Support for Any Issues:

If you've adhered to the above guidelines and still encounter account suspension due to botting-related concerns, don't fret. Our platform and sellers are committed to providing you with exceptional service. Feel free to reach out to the seller or our platform, and we'll do our best to resolve the situation swiftly. Your satisfaction and gaming enjoyment are our top priorities.

We appreciate your trust in iGV, by following these precautions, we believe you can enhance your account's security and enjoy the League of Legends experience to the fullest.