5 Tips to earn Classic WOW Gold easily

Many WOW Classic players want to make Gold in the game, but don't know how to start. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed money-making strategy, so that you can easily earn Classic WOW Gold in and upgrade without worry.


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Here are just five noteworthy points:


Class selection : choose the right class

In WOW Classic, there are certain classes that are inherently good at making money. For example : 

Mages can use their powerful AOE skills to swipe monsters

hunters can obtain high-value pelts by hunting rare animals

Paladins can rely on their toughness to mindlessly paint a lot of maps.

Therefore, when creating a character, it is important to choose a class that suits your style of play.




Economics : master the economic laws in the game

In the WOW Classic, the prices and demand for various game resources are constantly changing. To make money, you must master the economic laws of the game, understand which resources in which time period the greatest demand, so as to adjust their own money-making strategy in a timely manner.


Teamwork : join a strong guild

A strong guild can not only provide players with more game resources, but also help players upgrade faster. In addition, guild members can also exchange game resources with each other to further increase their gold income.


Trading for wealth : the use of the Auction House for trading

The auction house in WOW Classic is a very good trading platform. Players can sell their unwanted items in the Auction House, and they can also use gold to buy the items they need. Through the auction house, players can more conveniently realise their game resources.



Activity : participate in world events and raids

WOW Classic often occurs in some world events, such as holiday events, war front, etc.. These events often drop some rare game resources, and players can get rich rewards by participating in these events. In addition, the drops from raids are also an important way for players to earn Gold. Therefore, players should actively participate in world events and raids to gain more game resources.

After reading these five points, if you still don't want to build up through a long period of time and want to get Classic WOW Gold quickly, you can buy it directly at a cheap price with fast delivery!