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Buy and sell Lords Mobile Item at iGV The best place to buy Lords Mobile for IOS and Android with fast delivery, cheapest price and best services. How to get Lords Mobile Item Delivery after you paid? (Important) Face to Face: 1. Before you paid , You should provide us one screenshot about your Account information as below, it include your castle name, location and your lord This is Example Screenshot that you should provide: 2. And if you buy Gems, means you have that amount of gems to spent. You should write the items information that you want before you paid (or provide list of items screenshot), then we will buy the items you want and send to you through gift system. (any items that sold in the store are available: speed ups sucha as 7 day and 30 days, brave hearts, VIP points, and etc. A list of Items should be like as below: Attention: There is no difference between android and IOS. we support both system. What is Lords Mobile? Lords Mobile is a mobile 3D real-time strategy MMO with RPG elements. The game features large-scale siege wars and RPG-style hero battles where players take on dungeons and unleash hero skills to progress your hero skill trees and gain new equipment. In the game, players can build up your empire, collect exotic Heroes, train your troops, and battle your way to the top! Even in this world of chaos, you may find an alliance within a Guild. There are various kinds of Lords Mobile Items to help you enhance your adventure and acquire a better gameplay experience. We provide 100% secure Lords Mobile Items. Buy Cheap Lords Mobile Gems, Items with Fast Delivery at iGV. And you can get also Safe Payment ,24/7 online support also here. How to sell Lords Mobile Item? Click here to sell your Lords Mobile Item. You can contact and make delivery with buyer on iGV website. We provide 100% secure and instant Payment for every seller.