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About Rocket League Accounts

  • Number of Cars
  • Impact: In Rocket League, cars (or "battle-cars") are more than just cosmetic. Each car has its unique hitbox and physics, which can affect gameplay. Value Factor: Owning a diverse collection of cars allows players to adapt to different playstyles, strategies, and aesthetic preferences. Rare cars, especially those no longer available, can significantly enhance an account's value due to their exclusivity.
  • Level
  • Impact: A player's level in Rocket League represents their overall experience and time invested in the game. Value Factor: A higher level not only showcases a player's dedication but also can indicate proficiency in gameplay. An advanced level can often be linked to access to specific items, titles, or other in-game rewards that are level-locked. This progression metric can be attractive to those valuing gameplay maturity.
  • Season 7 GC Rewards
  • Impact: GC (Grand Champion) Rewards are exclusive items given to players who achieve the Grand Champion rank in a particular season, in this case, Season 7. Value Factor: Possession of the Season 7 GC Rewards indicates that the account reached one of the highest competitive ranks in that season. This not only serves as a testament to the player's skill but also provides exclusive cosmetic items to flaunt. Accounts with such accolades are highly desirable for both the status and the unique items they confer.
  • GC Titles
  • Impact: These are special titles awarded to players who reach the Grand Champion rank in different competitive playlists or seasons. Value Factor: GC Titles are more than just cosmetic; they are badges of honor, signifying a player's peak performance in the game's competitive environment. An account with multiple GC Titles reflects a consistent high level of gameplay, making it highly sought-after for those who value in-game prestige.

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