How to choose categories and brands

Virtual asset transactions, including game gold coins, items, accounts, streaming media services, etc., are a special business model, and the value of its commodities lies in their virtual attributes. When choosing a product category and brand, you can consider the following factors:


1. Product category selection


In the virtual industry, the selection of commodity categories is very important, because it can help you attract the most suitable potential buyers. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a product category:


Product attributes: Products in the virtual industry have different attributes, such as game gold coins, items, accounts, and streaming services. Choosing the product category that best matches your product attributes can make your products easier to be discovered by buyers.


Commodity types: There are many types of commodities in the virtual industry. For example, game gold coins can be divided into gold coins of different games, gold coins of different servers, and so on. Knowing your product category can help you choose a product category better.


Target audience: Consumers in the virtual industry have different needs, for example, some people like game gold coins, while others like game accounts. Knowing your target audience can help you choose the most suitable product category.


When choosing a product category, you need to study the category list on the platform, find the category that is most suitable for your product, and choose the most suitable sub-category according to the product attributes and types.


2. Brand selection


Choosing the right brand is very important because branding can directly affect your sales and word of mouth. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a brand:


Credibility: Choosing a brand with high credibility can make consumers trust your products more, thereby increasing sales.



Brand Positioning: Choosing the brand that best fits your product positioning can help your product resonate better with your target audience, thereby increasing sales.


When choosing a brand, you need to research the brands available on the platform, find the brand that is most suitable for your product, and choose the most suitable brand according to your product positioning.


3. Optimization of product description


In the virtual industry, product description is very important, because it can help consumers understand the attributes, characteristics and value of your product, so as to decide whether to buy your product. Here are a few ways to optimize your product descriptions:


Highlight product features: In the product description, highlight your product features to let consumers understand the uniqueness of your product. For example, if you are selling a certain game account, you can highlight the account's game level, skills, equipment and other characteristics.


Display product photos: In the product description, uploading high-quality product photos can let consumers understand your products more intuitively. When choosing a photo, choose the angle that best shows your product, and make sure the photo is clear and high-definition.


Use keywords: In product descriptions, using relevant keywords can make your products more easily found by search engines and consumers. When choosing keywords, choose words related to your product attributes, categories and brands.


Provide detailed information: In the product description, providing detailed information can help consumers understand all the information about your product, so that they can buy your product with more confidence. For example, if you're selling a streaming service, you can provide details on subscription fees, what the service offers, and more.


Guide consumers: In the product description, guide consumers to take action, such as let them click the buy button, add to the shopping cart, etc. Use clear language and strong verbs when directing shoppers, such as "Buy Now," "Add to Cart."