About iGV: Your Ultimate Gaming Companion

Founded in 2006, iGV quickly established itself as a formidable platform in the expansive universe of the gaming industry. Initially cementing its prowess in European regions, particularly Germany, France and Spain, iGV soon drew a fervent clientele from America to the Middle East, a testimony to its customer-driven approach.


What Sets iGV Apart


  • The Power of Global Unity:

    The iGV team epitomizes a multicultural consortium, hailing from cultural kaleidoscopes including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Arabic backgrounds. United by a collective gaming zeal, the team effectively tunes into global players' needs, sculpting solutions that resonate with diverse gaming communities. iGV's international allure has solidified its position as a gaming luminary on the world stage.

  • Unparalleled Service:

    iGV is an epitome of customer service par excellence, embodying their credo, “Gamer Value”. The company pledges impeccable service integrity, from a cutting-edge website design to a fortressed transaction platform that vouches for customer confidentiality and financial sanctity. Championing a zero-tolerance stance against dubious virtual game assets, iGV assures customers premium game goods, free from the shadows of bots or hacks.

  • A Cornucopia of Gaming Products:

    iGV's product suite is diverse, envisioning a comprehensive gaming ecosystem. Catering to eminent titles, the platform is a treasure trove of game accounts, in-game currency and items. A swift delivery timeline, spanning 1-6 hours, underscores iGV's commitment to elevate the gaming journey of its global clientele.


Beyond these foundational pillars, iGV's recent transformative stride resonates in its technological evolution. The entire website has undergone a metamorphosis with the PaaS update, reinforcing iGV's commitment to remain Safe, Fast, and Smart.


Technological marvels like ATI, it allows sellers to list products more quickly, especially game accounts. It can rapidly present the content of the accounts being sold to players, and at the same time, ensure that the purchased account matches what is displayed on the page. ASG keeps a real-time pulse on gaming market trends, ensuring iGV's inventory remains fresh and aligned with players' evolving preferences. Meanwhile, AEP acts as the guardian of online transactions, identifying potential risks and solidifying the platform's reputation as a secure transactional hub. SES complements the iGV experience, ensuring gamers effortlessly navigate through an expansive product portfolio to find their desired gaming assets. There are more next-generation technologies, and together with our consistent high-quality service, we provide an ideal game trading platform for our users from all over the world.


As the gaming realm perpetually evolves, iGV's vision and adaptability solidify its reputation as a trusted companion for gamers worldwide. Whether you're a newbie or a gaming aficionado, iGV promises an unmatched, immersive experience, tailored just for you.


Welcome to the future of gaming with iGV!