Initial Use of WOW Classic Hardcore Gold: Don't Miss Out!

What exactly is the use of gold in WOW Classic Hardcore? Once the character died Gold is not directly disappeared? So today we will talk to you about the points of attention that should not be missed when using WOW Classic Hardcore Gold.




Can WOW Classic Hardcore Gold be stored?


First of all, let's talk about how to store gold, we can build an alternate account, LV1 is enough. Run to the safe zone mailbox and transfer gold from the main account to the alternate account, then ransfer it back when you need it. This way you can prevent all your hard-earned gold from being lost when your main account's character dies.



What are some of the things that consume gold at the start of WOW Classic Hardcore?


  • Backpack

We know WOW Classic Hardcore without enough backpacks, PVE would be very hard and very tiring. Equipment, props and materials will easily fill up the backpack, and when it's full, you have to go back to town. So backpack is definitely the number one consumable, and it's important to know that once a character dies they have to buy the pack again.

  • Potion

Hardcore mode can be very difficult because you can't die. If you don't want to die, you must take the alchemy potion, because it can give us a boost in attributes. You also need props that continuously return blood and blue, so that's why this gold consumption is up.

  • Mount

Mounts also cost a lot of gold. Don't say you have enough gold, if you consume a little bit here and a little bit there in the early stages, you definitely won't have enough gold to buy a pony when you're at the right level. Unless you've earned some gold through business, you're only relying on the gold you've accumulated from quests.

  • Equipment

In WOW Classic Hardcore mode, basically every few levels need to change a piece of equipment, so that can enhance our ability to survive. Therefore, you will often visit the auction house to buy equipment, especially the more cost-effective rare (blue) equipment can give us a considerable boost, so it is still necessary to change. So once you change the equipment, the gold is consumed again.

  • Skills

Do not think that learning skills will not cost a lot of gold. For some serious players, learning skills at the beginning is selective, once this skill is not useful to them, will not learn this skill. Then in this strong consumption of a model, learning skills also need to spend a little bit of gold.





After reading the above notes on storing and spending WOW Classic Hardcore Gold, do you feel that gold is more valuable?


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