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Dofus Class Guide: Sadida

Welcome to the enchanting world of Dofus, where you can immerse yourself in thrilling adventures with a variety of unique character classes. Among these classes is the Sadida, a master of nature and summoner of powerful plant-based allies. In this guide, we'll delve into the details of the Sadida class, including their builds, spells, equipment, and gameplay strategies.


Sadidas are mystical beings deeply connected to nature, wielding the power of plants and summoning sentient dolls to aid them in battle. They excel at controlling the battlefield with powerful spells that manipulate vegetation and summon various creatures to assist them. With their versatile abilities, Sadidas can fulfill roles as damage dealers, healers, or buffers, depending on their build and playstyle.


1. Summoner Build: Focus on summoning powerful dolls and creatures to overwhelm your enemies. Invest in Intelligence (INT) and Agility (AGI) to boost your summoning spells and increase your damage output.

2. Support Build: Prioritize support spells such as healing and buffing abilities to aid your allies in battle. Allocate points into Intelligence (INT) and Wisdom (CHA) to enhance your supportive capabilities and increase your range.

3. Damage Dealer Build: Maximize your damage potential with offensive spells like "Sylvan Power" and "Wild Grass". Invest in Strength (STR) and Intelligence (INT) to boost your spell damage and melee attacks.


1. Sylvan Power: Summons a powerful tree that deals damage to enemies within range.

2. Wild Grass: Launches a ranged attack that deals damage and applies a poison effect to enemies.

3. Sadida's Tear: Heals allies and removes harmful effects within an area of effect.

4. Tree of Life: Summons a tree that provides healing and armor to allies within range.

5. Madoll: Summons a sentient doll to aid you in battle, attacking enemies and providing support to allies.


1. Nature-themed Gear: Equip gear that enhances your plant-based abilities, such as items that increase summoning power or boost spell damage.

2. Intelligence Boosts: Look for equipment with bonuses to Intelligence (INT) to maximize the effectiveness of your spells and increase your healing potential.

3. Supportive Gear: Prioritize items that increase your Wisdom (CHA) to improve your supportive capabilities and increase the range of your spells.

Gameplay Strategies:

1. Doll Management: Manage your dolls effectively to maximize their impact on the battlefield. Use them strategically to control enemy movement, absorb damage, or provide support to your team.

2. Terrain Manipulation: Use spells like "Sylvan Power" to create obstacles and barriers that hinder your enemies' movement. Control the battlefield by strategically placing trees and vegetation to your advantage.

3. Healing and Support: Utilize your healing spells and supportive abilities to aid your allies and keep them in the fight. Focus on maintaining the health and well-being of your team to ensure their success.

4. Adaptability: Adapt your playstyle based on the needs of your team and the challenges you face. Switch between offensive and supportive roles as the situation demands to provide the most value to your team.

With its mystical powers and connection to nature, the Sadida class offers a unique and rewarding gameplay experience in Dofus. Whether you prefer to summon powerful creatures, heal and support your allies, or control the battlefield with vegetation, the Sadida has something for every playstyle. Embrace the power of nature and embark on epic adventures in the world of Dofus!