Brawl Stars : The Ragnarok

The #Ragnarok season has officially started in Brawl Stars on April 4th. Have you already started your journey? Let us now introduce the content of the new season, bringing a wave of electrifying content and challenges. Sharpen Your Skills Before the Brawl:  Want to dominate the new season but need a head start? Consider iGV Brawl Stars accounts. They offer secure and reliable account services, helping you hone your skills and acquire the Brawlers you desire.


Here's what awaits you in this mythical update:


Free Mjolnir Pin: Claim your free Mjolnir pin in the shop a symbol of power to adorn your profile and strike fear into your opponents!


Unleash Fenrir Buzz:  The ferocious Fenrir Buzz is ready to join the fray!  Unlock him through the Brawl Pass and unleash his icy wrath on the battlefield.


Become a God Among Brawlers: Ascend to legendary status with the "Godlike" Player Title earned in Brawl Pass Plus.  Pair it with the exclusive Mørk & Eldr Buzz skins for ultimate dominance.


Melodie Makes Her Starr Road Debut:  The enchanting Melodie is now obtainable through Starr Road, adding a touch of musical magic to your roster.


Ranked Glory Awaits:  A brand-new Ranked Season kicks off, offering fresh challenges and spectacular rewards.  Climb the leaderboards and claim your bragging rights!


Unmask the Trickster:  The enigmatic Loki Chester emerges from the shadows as a reward from Ranked Starr Drops. Prepare to deceive and outwit your opponents with his cunning abilities.


With a plethora of new content, rewards, and challenges, the #Ragnarok Season promises an unforgettable Brawl Stars experience. So, grab your Mjolnir pin, choose your champion, and prepare to unleash your inner legend!