The Brawl Stars April Brawl Talk has been released and the latest update has a lot in store for players. Brawl Stars' April Brawl Talk brings a monstrous collaboration with the King of the Monsters himself, Godzilla! This update packs a punch with a brand new game mode, electrifying new Brawlers, and a collection of skins that'll have you stomping the competition in style. From a collaboration with Godzilla to new Mutations, the Brawl Talk detailed everything. Furthermore, this update has something for everyone with new brawlers and skins. If you want to join the battle faster, you can buy a Brawl Stars account in iGV.


Here is a breakdown of April Brawl Talk.




Brawl Stars has announced a collaboration with Godzilla. As a part of this, you will get to see new skins and a new game mode. Godzilla City Smash game mode will showcase the latest Godzilla and Mecha Godzilla. In the game mode, a player will get converted into either of the creatures. The main agenda of the mode is to destroy items – just like Godzilla. The team that destroys the greatest number of items will win. Moreover, you will have to keep in mind that the limited-time event will be live from April 29 to May 20.


Mutation modifier has the power to change how a lot of things work in the game. To begin with, it can change the powers of the Brawlers: main and super attacks. To use the mutations, you will have to collect Monster Eggs that are obtainable by completing missions and winning in the Godzilla City Smash mode.




Two new Brawlers are also set to join the game: Draco and Lily. Draco is a Legendary Brawler who is known to be extremely lethal. He also has the potential to deal a lot of damage to enemies. Draco is known to have a Spear as a weapon which will increase the damage that he deals when the attack is accurate. In addition to this, Draco’s Super will help him attack enemies with more damage and aggression.

The next brawler, on the other hand, is Lily. She is a Mythic Brawler who can teleport behind the enemies and attack them from the back. She forces the enemies to engage in close-range combats, which are known to be one of her stronger attacks.

Furthermore, six more Hypercharges have been added to the game. These Hypercharges will help players come up with new strategies and give them a lot of advantages. Additionally, Brock, Sandy, Nita, Gene, Max and Tick’s Hypercharges have been updated and given a new look.

Brawl Stars April Brawl Talk also gave details about the upcoming balance changes in the game. Spike has been nerfed and Mortis has gotten some buff in this update.