Cookie Run Kingdom
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I nuovi utenti che completano la registrazione e pagano il loro primo ordine entro 24 ore riceveranno un bonus di punti 5 volte dopo il completamento dell'ordine.
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Buy and Sell Cookie Run: Kingdom Accounts at iGVault How to Get Cookie Run: Kingdom Account in iGVault Step 1: Register or (simply log in if you already have a iGVault account) Step 2: Browse through the Cookie Run: Kingdom offers page to see if anything suits your fancy (you can do this even if you’re not yet registered) Step 3: Make the payment. For the manual delivery offers, you’ll need to wait for the seller so you can discuss the terms of the deal. You can contact them via our onsite messenger. You won’t need to go through these should you choose the automatic delivery offers - which we highly recommend. Step 4: Log into your account once you receive it to verify if everything is as agreed upon. Step Five: Confirm delivery so that the seller can receive his or her compensation. Before you enjoy the game, we advise that you change the account credentials ASAP to prevent untoward security issues.