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Buy and Sell Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Accounts at iGV "Rainbow Six: Siege" is adapted from character sets in the "Rainbow Six" novel of the same name on which the "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six" IP series is based by Ubisoft Entertainment. The characters of the game come from the world anti-terrorist forces of various countries, they gather in the game to face a common enemy. The characteristics of each member of the team are very clearly described. Different characters use different skills, different skills are associated with different items, and the guns used by each character alone make each character vividly presented to the player. Players will take the role of an offensive operator or a defensive operator to conduct a tactical simulation exercise and conduct a 5v5 duel. The plot is extremely tense and every action affects the outcome of the game. Why buy a Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege account? If the player want to enjoy the game and get good play experience, the account needs to reach level 50 and above, it requires patience to play multiple rank games and a lot of time, which is not very friendly to beginners. We provide high-level accounts from verified seller .Cheap price ,safe delivery, account warranty , iGV is the best chocie to buy Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege accounts.