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Summoners War Chronicles, despite the change in genre and many mechanics along with it, is still a mobile gacha game. As such, it still has a rather hefty grind. Even players that are willing to spend much money in their playthrough will still have to deal with the game’s grind.

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Summoners War Chronicles Accounts Store - iGVault What is Summoners War Chronicles? Summoners War: Chronicles is a MMORPG featuring a story set 70 years before the storyline in Summoners War: Sky Arena, and the game has been drawing attention even before its release due to the powerful Summoners War IP. With the game being an open-world MMO, the combat mechanics have also been changed to suit the game’s open world setting. Combat is now real-time action, so players will have to keep in mind other things like positioning, evasion, and skill cooldowns. Also, players will no longer simply be summoners in the background, but will also be fighting alongside their monsters. In fact, much of the combat will now be done by the characters themselves, and monsters will simply be helping out in either dealing damage or providing support. Thus, choosing monsters is no longer about making a team that complements one another, but choosing a monster – or later, monsters – that also complements the player as well. On top of that, because this is an MMORPG, players will be able to form parties with one another. This allows them to band together and take on difficult content, and even come up with effective party-based combinations. With this, players can ditch single-player oriented monster compositions and go for a highly specialized, role-oriented one. For example, players that will serve as DPS in a party can temporarily ditch healing and tanking monsters and use monsters that also deal damage or bolster their damage. How Much is a Summoners War Chronicles Account? The value that a player sees in a Summoners War Chronicles Account depends on the following: Level of Summoner Total value of monsters in the account Price in real-life money of competitive gear in the account Total value of gold and crystals in real-life money Sellers, however, can put a price on their offer regardless of the actual value of the account. This is despite them trying to keep prices close to the value. Thus, buyers normally look through as many offers as they can to try and find the best deal and price on an account. How to buy Summoners War Chronicles Accounts on iGVault? Step 1: Register or (simply log in if you already have a iGVault account) Step 2: Browse through the Summoners War Chronicles offers page to see if anything suits your fancy (you can do this even if you’re not yet registered) Step 3: Make the payment. For the manual delivery offers, you’ll need to wait for the seller so you can discuss the terms of the deal. You can contact them via our onsite messenger. You won’t need to go through these should you choose the automatic delivery offers - which we highly recommend. Step 4: Log into your account once you receive it to verify if everything is as agreed upon. Step 5: Confirm delivery so that the seller can receive his or her compensation. Before you enjoy the game, we advise that you change the account credentials ASAP to prevent untoward security issues.